CAT Chat Minutes

March 12, 1999

Information/Follow-up Items

We are planning to perform work in our sector that requires clean conditions. The work in Sector 4 has been creating significant amount of dust. How long will it be before construction is complete?

Most of the heavier construction activities have been completed. Painting of the stations remains. We will provide a more complete schedule to you from Tecknit showing their near-term plans.

User Operations

The user run is complete. The next run will commence on March 24 at 8:00 starting with triplets.

The APS Beamline Operations Schedule for Current (99-2) and Upcoming (99-3) runs is now posted on the Web.

General Information

Safety: This coming Wednesday, March 17, two inspectors will be at ANL to begin their inspection. At this time, we have no schedule of their itinerary.

We appreciate all of your efforts with respect to housekeeping and safety awareness on the Experiment Hall floor and within the LOMs. A few areas are generally still in need of improvement: routine inspections of eyewash stations, defining and marking of lead storage areas, proper use of extension cords, housekeeping and cable management. Please take a little extra time to concentrate on these areas.

As part of the cleanup effort, we are excessing some lead bricks. If anyone has a need for lead bricks, please contact Mohan on x-3773.