CAT Chat Minutes

March 5, 1999

Information/Follow-up Items

1. A beam loss occurred last Saturday, February 27 and we were trying to correlate what one of our users saw with the operator messages. Is there a way to record old messages in case were not on site and need to investigate further?

We have attempted recording the operator messages and making that listing available on the WWW. We have found that it is very difficult to list the information in a manner, which would make it readily comprehensible. We will continue working on this until we have a solution.

User Operations

The availability for this run is 95%. A power supply fault was the cause for the longest period of downtime of four hours during the past week. Beginning next week, Wednesday, March 10, at 0000 hours, we will begin scheduled maintenance. The next user run will begin on Wednesday, March 24th.

General Information

Safety DOE headquarters representatives have rescheduled their safety inspection of ANL to begin Tuesday, March 16th and continue through the end of the week.

Beginning Monday, March 8, the Floor Coordinators will work with the CATs in order to follow up on the conditions, concentrating primarily in the following areas:

Hazard awareness and hazard control Hoisting and rigging Lasers (procedures, signage, and other documentation) Machine shops (inspection records, guarding, signage and housekeeping) General housekeeping

Starting Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, there will be a safety sweep of the Experiment Floor and LOM areas. We need your support in order to make sure all items are in order. If assistance is needed, please contact your Floor Coordinator.

Celebrations - SER-CAT (Sector 22) MOU ceremony will take place on Friday, March 12, at 10:00 am. Feel free to come and join us for cake.