CAT Chat Minutes

February 26, 1999

User Operations

We are approaching the end of the sixth week of the current run, with one more week to go. Overall, the availability for the run is ~ 95%. Several trips occurred due to rf and power supply trips. A one and one-half hour downtime period occurred this morning when a drop in the pressure of the deionized water system caused many of the power supplies to trip.

Machine Studies will begin on Monday, March 1, at 0800 hours and will continue through Wednesday, March 3, ending at 0800 hours.

Wednesday morning, March 3, the singlet-operating mode will begin and will continue through the end of the run at 2400 on Tuesday, March 9. There will be two fills per day, approximately at 0800 and 2000 hours.

General Information

Safety:  We received notification that DOE headquarters representatives are scheduled to conduct a safety inspection of ANL during the period of March 8-12. The inspection will concentrate in the areas of personal protective equipment (PPE) and control of electrical equipment. The concentration on PPE can impact a much broader area, including experiment review and approval as it pertains to requiring of PPE as part of the experiment, e.g. work with lasers, liquid nitrogen, etc. With the clean up still in progress, please make sure everything is in proper order. We will keep you informed, as more information becomes available. If you have any questions regarding any issues, please contact your floor coordinator.