CAT Chat Minutes

January 29, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

1. Is the User Office providing our phone number to vendors? We have received quite a few calls from them.

No, vendors are not provided with your number. They may be getting that information from the web.

2. We have detected occasional changes in the beam position from fill to fill. Do we know the cause?

This can very likely be attributed to the changeover in the rf BPM system. The position feedback loop response may be different in different sections of the ring. We will continue to look into the data and try to identify the cause.

3. DND would like to completely isolate their Beamline Data Acquisition System from the network. However they still need a network connection for ID control. Can this be implemented?

At the current time, the EPICS gateway provides all epics information about the storage ring operation and the ID. This does require that the beamline computers be connected to the network. We have a plan to install a dedicated PV Gateway computer for each LOM network. This computer would also be the NTP and DNS server and would include a dedicated fiber link to the users network router in the LOM closet.

The machine status link combined with the dedicated ID control (RS232 based - under construction) will be adequate to provide all necessary data from APS. Once these are in place, the users can disconnect their beamline computers, if needed, from the network.

4. Some of the beamline shutters are experiencing failures, which are causing PSS faults. Is any progress being made in understanding the cause of these faults?

The majority of the PSS faults are due to the failure of the shutter to open after an open command has been issued. There appears to be a problem in the shutter air cylinder, but the direct cause is not yet known. We have are working with the manufacturer to try to identify the cause. We will keep you informed of the progress.

User Operations

Fill-on-fill will not take place tomorrow, Saturday, January 30 because of a few minor administrative restrictions that are pending. A CAT NET message will be sent as soon as the schedule is determined and along with it will be the available signals.

The storage ring availability, for the second week of the run was 97%, with only several power supply and rf-related trips.

A 48-hour machine studies period will begin at 0800 hours on Monday, February 1. User Operations will resume Wednesday, February 3, at 0800 hours. We are also currently planning for a low-current shielding verification during the studies period on, Tuesday, February 23. Shielding verification will be done at 10-BM and 15-ID, and beam will be available to all users.

General Information

Computer Security: Handouts regarding Computer Security were distributed to the group. If there are any issues or concerns regarding this topic, please contact Bill McDowell at extension 2-6975.

Telephone Directories: The new telephone directories will be delivered soon. The directory will include all APS users and/or personnel who have been issued a user badge. If you should receive any calls regarding this directory, please transfer all calls to the Users Office, extension 2-9090. The Human Resources Department has already been informed NOT to include all APS users, so the next directory (year 2000) will only include users who are resident at ANL.