CAT Chat Minutes

January 22, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

1. What signals will be available when fill-on-fill with shutters open takes place?

We will provide the standard 30-msec injection gate. In addition, a PV will be provided that will change state at the beginning of injection and end at the completion of injection. We will provide additional details when the setup is completed.

2. The x-ray beam position was different from what we had during the last run. Was this due to the changes in the rf BPM system?

At the beginning of this run, in an attempt to restore the beam to old position values, some lack of correlation in rf and x-ray BPM readings was found at certain beamlines. We are trying to understand the cause, but it was most likely due to the changes in the rf BPM system.

3. Have you heard of any issues resulting from the safety walk-thru held last week?

We do not have any specific issues from the walk-thrus, but will keep you apprised of any that pertain to the CATs.

User Operations

The User run started at 0800 hours on Thursday, January 21. A slight incident occurred with a circuit breaker being knocked off. However, this was rectified and all things seem to be working correctly.

Starting Tuesday, January 26, machine studies will start at 0800 hrs. and end at 1600 hrs. Shielding verification will take place for 5 BM. Shutters will be enabled during this time, but the current will be limited to 30 mA or less.

Beginning Wednesday morning, January 27, fill-on-fill with shutters open is planned to begin. We will provide additional information on the available signals, as the information becomes available.