CAT Chat Minutes

January 15, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

Off-site Storage Facility: For those CATs interested, there is an off-site storage facility, located in the Lisle area called "The Lockup" (630) 968-7878 for approximately $250 a month. This includes indoor temperature control and a storage area measuring approximately 10 x 30.

Cafeteria Bus Schedule: Starting Monday, January 18, the cafeteria bus will be stopping at the 431 LOM exit. Bus schedules are now posted on the bulletin boards. We will work with ANL management to expand this service to the other LOMs.

Snow Plowing: The areas around the LOMs are being plowed as we speak. The grounds personnel will work around the ring as quickly as possible.

User Operations

The User run will begin on Thursday, January 21, at 0800 hours.

General Information

Experiment Hall Floor: Starting this Sunday, January 17, the experiment hall main aisle will be scrubbed and resealed. Everyone will still have access to the ring. This work should be completed by the end of the day on Sunday.

B. Ferry and M. Ramanathan will be contacting the CATs to question each beamlines readiness for top-up injection with beamline shutters open. If a consensus is reached, this type of injection will be implemented on Tuesday, January 26.

Network Upgrades: B. Ferry informed the group that B. McDowell will give a report on the computer network status on Tuesday, January 19, at 10:00 in room A1100. Three issues will be discussed: 1) computer security; 2) network upgrades; and 3) node room protocol.

M. Ramanathan informed the group that the new version updates for the ID control software are now complete.