CAT Chat Minutes

January 8, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

1. What's the progress on a modified Crane Operator training course for APS users?

The ANL ES&H division is rewriting the Hoisting and Rigging manual. One of the goals is to closely match specific hardware to the training required. We will update you as we here more.

2. One of the LN2 dewars was filled only half way. Can you correct this?

The dewars should have been filled to capacity. We will instruct he personnel filling the dewars to make sure the dewars are filled.

3. With the clean up taking place, the ongoing problem of not enough storage space is an issue. There were earlier discussions of a building that the CATs could use to store our supplies, equipment, etc. What is the status?

B. Ferry mentioned to the group that progress is slowly taking place with regards to space that will soon be available. We have a large, older building. (369) for crates, etc., that still needs to be cleaned. Bldg. 378 will also be available for more sensitive items. If you need storage space immediately, off-site public storage is another option to look into.

4. The cafeteria bus that picks you up in front of APS to take you to/from the cafeteria is a great idea, but can we have the bus pick us up at the LOMs? It can be quite a walk from the LOMs to catch the bus in front of APS.

For your convenience, we will look into this and arrange for the bus to pick up at the LOMs.

5. Is there a way to improve the temperature control in the LOMs and the ring? Recently it's been either too hot or too cold.

The temperature fluctuations were due to the shutdown of the Chilled Water System. The work is being completed, and the temperature regulation should be back to normal by Monday, January 11.

6. The cardreader in the 431-truck lock is not covered. With all the snow we are having, can we get this covered?

B. Ferry will look into providing a cover for this reader ASAP.

7. The LOM 435 overflow parking area has not been plowed. When the run starts, we expect to need these additional parking spaces. Can we get this area plowed?

With all the snow that is accumulating, the snowplows have done an excellent job. We will however, rectify any areas that have been overlooked.

User Run

The User run will begin on Thursday, January 21, at 0800 hours.

General Information

A large number of hacker attacks are taking place at the DOE laboratories. With these ongoing attacks, we have installed a firewall for computer protection within APS to protect the APS systems from all attacks. If you're interested in getting your computer systems behind this firewall, please contact M. Ramanathan at - 3773 or B. McDowell at - 6975.

The Chilled Water System modification work has been completed. The system should be back to full operation by this coming Monday, January 11.

Cleanup - B. Ferry mentioned to the group that the main aisle in the experiment hall is planned to be resealed. The Floor Coordinators will work with the CATs to minimize any potential impact.

The LOM secondary door exit alarms will be disabled. They serve no useful purpose.

The floor coordinators will begin LOM information meetings. They will meet with the four CATs in each LOM to discuss any local issues.

LN2 Distribution System - We are in the process of receiving proposals back on the LN2 system. January 25th is the deadline for all bids. User interface requirements will one of the topics at the LOM information meetings.

ID Control Software - Mohan reviewed the changes/additions to the ID Control Software. Handouts were distributed on revisions that have been implemented. For those CATs that haven't yet upgraded and are interested in doing so, please contact M. Ramanathan.

Craig Dean is planning on starting dewar filling next Monday. If you have any that need filling, please contact Craig at 2-0301.

The next CAT Chat will be on January 15 and will be held in the Auditorium. The following CAT Chats will take place again in Room A1100.