CAT Chat Minutes

December 21, 1998


Information and Follow-up Items

It was this user's understanding that the hoisting equipment in the hutches should be inspected on a daily basis. Why do we have to fill out an inspection form on a monthly basis, when we fill it out on a daily basis?

The ANL safety policy for hoisting equipment states that an inspection must be performed monthly. In addition, an inspection must be made prior to use on a daily basis. If a hoist is not used on a daily basis, the inspection does not have to be performed daily. Audits are done periodically, and the sign-offs are proof that the inspections are being done.

General Information

User Run:  The last run of 1998 was completed on December 14, at 0800 hours. The next user run will begin on Thursday, January 21, at 0800 hours. Top-up studies are planned to take place near the end of the run on March 1 or 2 for a period of eight hours.

On Tuesday evening, December 22, upgrades and installation of disks for APS network servers will be done. There should not be any interruptions during this time unless unforeseen problems occur. Additional work is scheduled for December 28-30. Some interruptions to services are expected at that time.

Safety:  Gopal announced to the group that DOE-ESH did a surprise safety inspection at APS a couple of days ago. The inspection from the DOE Washington office reported that our housekeeping was poor. It was noted that hoisting and rigging inspections were not being completed, pathways were blocked by equipment, etc. So, starting Wednesday morning, December 23, the local DOE office will be at APS to make their own assessment in preparation for another DOE Headquarter inspection scheduled for February. Gopal stressed that we need to reclaim ourselves and be recognized as leaders. B. Ferry and the floor coordinators will be available to assist you to ensure the next inspections go smoothly.

Starting Monday, December 21, Gopal will also be checking and making sure that everything is in good housekeeping condition. B. Ferry will be available as the lead floor contact supervisor in the event you need help moving or tagging equipment, etc. Most importantly we need to be careful and perform our work in a safe environment. This year we have done a great job, let us continue this in 1999. It will be a great year, especially for science, along with a trouble-free operational environment at the APS.

B. Ferry reported that the Request for Proposals for the nitrogen system was signed off on Friday, December 18.

Tony wished everyone Happy Holidays and announced that the next CAT Chat will take place on January 8, 1999. See you next year!