CAT Chat Minutes

December 11, 1998


Information and Follow-up Items

1. Why is injector maintenance planned to begin at midnight on December 14 when the user run ends at 0800? This increases the risk of lost beam time.

The linac maintenance has to start early to enable the required work to be completed. The linac operation resumes about two weeks into the storage ring shutdown. Next time, we will indicate clearly in the schedule when the injector is not available.

2. Is there a way to implement an automatic paging system instead of having floor coordinators notify users when the beam dumps and/or is restored?

Argonne pagers are available with e-mail capability. Beamline computer people can setup an e-mail system to notify you whenever the beam is lost and/or restored. We are also looking into other options.

3. A computer message was sent out announcing that the router "pancho" would be rebooted. Unfortunately, not all CATs received this message in time. Has APS considered implementing a separate router between controls and users?

The router "pancho" is a central router for all systems including the controls, oxygen network and Users. In the past, "pancho" has been very stable. It is not really feasible to separate the routers without major reconfiguration.

4. Is there a universal plan to give the CATs access to the top of the FOE stations?

Some CATs have installed ladders to get to the top of their stations. We are also looking at some additional alternatives.

User Run

The beam, for the last two weeks, has been running well. Unfortunately, a few rf trips have occurred as well as several trips due to storage ring system interlocks.

Tuesday, December 8 at 1600, we started running singlets and will continue through Monday, December 14 at 0800, at which time a 4 1/2 week storage ring maintenance period will begin. The linac maintenance will begin at midnight on December 14. We will not be able to refill the beam after that time.

General Information

During this shutdown on December 17 between 6-8:00 a.m. we are planning to shut off the chilled water system for inspection. Again on January 4-6 starting at 4:00 am, the chilled water system will be down to add an extra cooling system. A couple of sectors have requested a backup system.

Safety - An incident occurred when the lid of an ice chest fell and struck an employee in the forehead while he was filling the ice chest. Since this is not the first such incident, maintenance will be instructed to install hardware to secure the lid to the wall while the chest is being filled.

Susan Strasser reminded the group that its not to late to sign up for the XFD Holiday Feast (12/14/98). If you're interested, please stop by after the meeting.