CAT Chat Minutes

December 4, 1998


Information and Follow-up Items

1. What day of the week can we have contractors come in for training?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. At the present time, contractor training is not scheduled for Wednesdays.

2. What is the status of the network firewalls?

At this point weve only talked with some of the CATs. Well be contacting the other CATs because we need to know the specific needs/requirement of each CAT, such as protocols for certain computers, etc. If you havent been contacted and you wish to address this issue immediately, you can contact M. Ramanathan or W. McDowell.

User Operations

The machine has been running well at 90%. Earlier this week we had several problems, primarily with power supplies and rf trips.

The User run will continue through 0800 on Tuesday, December 8. An eight-hour period for Machine Studies will follow; thereafter the Special Operating Mode (SOM) will follow at 1600 with singlets through the end of the run until 0800 on December 14, 1998. During the singlets operation, storage ring refills will occur twice per day, at 0800 and 2000.

Top-up mode studies The vertical beam feedback interaction with top-up has been corrected. We will work out a schedule shortly for upcoming studies periods during the January/February run.

General Information

Mohan informed everyone that major upgrades would take place during the next shutdown. A few of the upgrades will be ID straight sections and recalculating RBPM beam positions. These upgrades will begin on the 14th of December and continue through the end of the shutdown.

Susan Strasser announced to the group that the XFD Holiday Feast is taking place on Monday, December 14. If you haven't already done so, please sign up in the APS Users Office as soon as possible.