CAT Chat Minutes

November 20, 1998

Information and Follow-up Items

1. Will the PSS system be able to open and close the shutters when refills occur?

The current version of the PSS, cannot automatically open the shutter after a refill. The next planned upgrade will provide simpler access to the users for shutter control, and will allow the user control system to open the shutter after the shutter control is enabled. We hope to have the new upgrade tested by mid-99.

2. Our beamline shutter is continuously tripping the PSS and causing a serious fault. There is a significant delay in getting the fault reset. Is there a way to correct this?

In the cases where a mechanical fault continuously causes a PSS fault, we have authorized the floor coordinators to reset serious faults. We will do so in this case.

User Operations

The storage ring availability last week was 99%. Only a couple of hours were lost due to a rf trip, but as a whole it was an excellent week.

The User run will continue through 0800 on Tuesday, November 24. An eight-hour period for Scheduled Maintenance/Machine Studies will follow. The User run will resume at 1600 hours and continue until the 30th of November 1998.

Top-up mode studies, originally scheduled for November 24, have been delayed. The vertical real-time feedback interaction with top-up has not yet been corrected. The studies will be rescheduled for a future time.

General Information

Mohan informed the users that one CAT computer has been attacked by hackers. We need to increase the level of security by having the CATs agree to have their subnet within the APS firewall. We will work with the CATs on a one-on-one basis and decide which protocols need to be blocked. Security protection is the number one priority. A message will be sent out shortly to the computer representatives on what is needed.

Significant progress has been made in solving the gateway problems. Some minor issues are still being resolved.

XFD will be celebrating its annual Holiday Feast, on Monday, December 14. This event will be held in the APS Gallery and will start at 11:30. The cost is $2.00 and a favorite dish to share. Please signup in the APS User Office.