CAT Chat Minutes

November 13, 1998

Information and Follow-up Items

1. There doesnt seem to be any snow shovels in the truck locks? With the winter season approaching, we will need them.

We will remind the custodians to place the shovels in the truck locks.

2. The 1999-1 schedule starts in about eight weeks. When will this schedule be posted?

The schedule is now on the web:

User Operations

The storage ring availability over the whole run so far has dropped to 85%. This past week, the availability was about 73%. Two major problems occurred: 1) Tuesday night the rf power supply for the first linac accelerating structure failed and took about 20 hours to repair, and 2) a storage ring rf cavity developed vacuum problems and needed to be removed from use. Both problems contributed a total of 28 hours of downtime.

Top-up studies were conducted last week on Tuesday, November 10. Eighteen beamlines had their shutters open. Further studies are planned to take place on November 24, at which time we will run in top-up mode injection for four hours instead of two. Injection will occur precisely every 60 seconds.

Users Operation continues until 0800 on Monday, November 16, followed by 48 hours of Machine Studies until 0800 on Wednesday, November 18, when user beam resumes.

General Information

M. Ramanathan explained the problems being experienced by the EPICS gateway. Resolving the problems is a top priority, and we will continue to analyze them until the system is working properly.

Zdzislaw Wawrzak was introduced to the group as a new staff scientist for DND-CAT. Welcome aboard!!

S. Strasser passed out the User Satisfaction Survey forms to the group. Please give your input and return them back to the Users Office ASAP.

The APS Spectrum Club is celebrating its annual Christmas Holiday, on Friday, December 18. This event will take place at the Guest House, which will start at 11:30 for cocktail hour and proceed with a buffet lunch at 12:00. The cost of the lunch will be $10.00 per ticket. Signup in the APS User Office.