CAT Chat Minutes

November 06, 1998

User Operations

The overall availability for the run thus far is about 91%. The primary cause of lost fills has been the rf system.

Other Information

Tuesday, November 10, during the storage ring studies shift, we will begin the first tests of top-up. The plan is to switch the filling pattern to singlets and to begin operation starting at 0900 with a routine fill lasting till 1200. During the last half-hour of the fill, the injection magnets will be pulsed to allow users to measure of impact of the orbit distortion. At 1200, with the shutters still open, the storage ring current will be rapidly topped-up to ~100 mA, and then current-based top-up will begin. The period between injections is expected to vary between 60 and 70 seconds. Top-up tests will be concluded at 1500, and user operation will resume at 1600. At the present time, only the ~30 msec injection gate will be provided. The other signals are still being developed, but will not be ready for this test. A detailed schedule and further information will be sent out via CAT NET on Monday. The transitions during the test will be announced over the public address system and will be posted in the status screen message area.

Mohan reviewed the EPICS ID control software that has been installed in some sectors. The software is still being tested and has a few minor bugs, which are expected to be corrected shortly.