CAT Chat Minutes

October 23, 1998

Information/Follow-up items

1. Is the top-up mode of operation for this calendar year planned yet?

No. We would like one representative from each CAT to attend a meeting on the 2nd of November to discuss future tests. We can discuss the optimum schedule at that time.

2. On the current schedule, the Tuesday shifts are marked as SOM. Does this mean that we will be able to open the shutters next Tuesday?

The Tuesday shifts are scheduled for machine studies or for storage access, if required. The designation on the schedule was incorrect and will be corrected. However, in the future, shielding verification shifts may be scheduled during these times, and the beam will be made available during those times.

3. Once we are routinely operating in the top-up mode, will we be able to keep our shutters open during machine studies periods?

Machine studies generally necessitate operating the storage ring in other than normal conditions, with frequent beam dumps and re-injections. The approved operations envelope for top-up requires that during top-up operation, the storage ring is operated in a stable, well-defined state. Therefore, the shutters will not be routinely enabled during machine studies periods.

User Operations

During this maintenance period, a new 8-mm vacuum chamber was installed in Sector 4. All the RF cavities were opened for installation of new tuners. The storage ring is undergoing some vacuum conditioning. We expect improved lifetime later in the week.

The SOM will be in the last week of this run. The fill pattern will most likely be 15 mA in 6 buckets followed by 85 mA in 17 singlets. We are looking into a slightly different fill pattern for the week preceding the SOM operation. Machine Studies will be done prior to implementing this. We will be discussing the fill pattern later in the month.