CAT Chat Minutes

October 02, 1998

Information/Follow-up items

1. Will Contractors work during the week of the Users meeting?

Yes. We will be in a period of Scheduled Maintenance at that time, so the floor will be open to all.

2. Why are their still wasps within the building? Exterminators have sprayed two or three times already?

We will look into having someone plug up the hole where the wasps are coming in.

User Operations

Machine maintenance is in progress. Due to a malfunction, 1-ID had to be replaced. We are installing a second ID in Sector 1 for high-heat-load tests during the run. The collimator in 3-ID is being reassembled. A new style collimator in 4-ID is being installed.

Susan Strasser reminded the group about the Ninth APS Users Meeting, which is being held October 13-15, 1998. There will be six workshops with topics of great interest to the CATs. We have a total of 380 attendees registered thus far for this meeting. If you havent registered, booklets are available that explain all the events. A registration form is also included within the booklet. If you have any questions, please contact the Users Office i.e. (x-9090).

Mohan Ramanthan reminded the group that he will be installing software for the next run to open the gap to 50 mm if the shutters are left closed for periods longer than 1-2 hours. If you have any questions involving this procedure, please contact Mohan (x-3773).

Mohan reviewed the status of the 3-ID collimator.

General Information

Gopal Shenoy mentioned that XFD is arranging for a second session of Hazardous Materials Transportation Training for CATs (and Floor Coordinators). Once training has been taken, users will be permitted to transport small quantities of many hazardous materials from off-site locations directly to the APS site (in the past, materials had to go through Building 5). This training session will take place on Monday, October 12, and will take about 3 to 3-1/2 hrs. The location has not yet been set. To register for the training, notify Joanne Wold at x-9494 or (e-mail: Those who register will be notified of the exact time and location of the session. If you have any questions, please contact B. Stockmeier (x-9394) or S. Davey (x-5311).