CAT Chat Minutes

September 25, 1998

Information/Follow-up Items

The search is still on for the 5-foot high, 19-inch wide gray cabinet. Mark Scott signed for it upon receipt but it is lost somewhere between the receiving area and the CAT sector. Everyone is asked to check their sector space for the missing cabinet and to notify the floor coordinators if found.

User Operations

The last week of the run has not been the best, with availability for the week of only 90%. Numerous problems occurred, with the most lost time due to various power supply problems. Even so, the availability for the full run remains at just under 94%. The run will end Sunday at 0800 and will be followed by machine studies. Scheduled maintenance begins on Monday, September 28. The next user run will begin Thursday, October 22 at 0800.

The 1999 Long Range Schedule has been updated through the end of May 1999. Its posted on the web at: Depending on the specific activities planned on the days indicated as ANL Open House - April/May, there may be no beam delivered for certain periods of time. More information will follow at a later date.

Starting with the next run, a new machine studies/intervention schedule will be in place. On alternate weeks, a six shift block of time starting on Mondays at 0800 will be dedicated to machine studies. During the intervening week, a single shift on Tuesdays starting at 0800 will be used for maintenance/studies.

Other Information

Gopal Shenoy mentioned to the group how well the APS, ESRF, Spring-8 Meeting went, which was held on September 23-24. The meeting focused on the operating experience at the three facilities.

The Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson, visited ANL and the APS today (9/25/98). The visit turned out well.

Bob Ferry mentioned to the group that he is working with the Fire Department to improve access for the emergency response teams from the floor to the top of the storage ring. Personnel will be reviewing the various sectors to see how this access can be provided. Bob also expressed a concern that the sector aisles are often cluttered with equipment and chairs. He requested that everyone maintain clear aisles.

Mohan Ramanthan mentioned that on ID front ends, keeping the photon shutter 2 closed for long periods with the ID at small gap is producing a significant gas load on the ion pump at the shutter. This will shorten the life of the pump and will become a maintenance problem. To alleviate this problem, Mohan is planning to install software that will automatically open the ID gap if the shutter remains open for a longer period of time. He requested comments from the CATs on this proposal.