CAT Chat Minutes

September 11, 1998

Information/Follow-up items

1. The power outage which we had last weekend caused a few problems in the beamlines. A few of the users were trying to locate the floor coordinators at the time of the power outage. What is the current practice for scheduling floor coordinator coverage during machine studies periods?

The Monday holiday presented an uncommon problem with floor coordinator coverage. During normal Monday machine studies periods, floor coordinators are available on the day shift. Coverage for off-shift is provided by call-in. The call-in responsibility is transferred by forwarding the call made to 2-0101 to the appropriate pager for the floor coordinator on duty. Unfortunately, calls to 4-0101 cannot be transferred. We will continue the program to educate everyone to use 2-0101 rather than 4-0101 to contact the on-duty floor coordinator. In the case of emergency, when a floor coordinator cannot be reached, coverage is provided in the APS control room around the clock, every day of the year.

2. Backup power systems for the beamlines were discussed at a previous Technical Working Group meeting. Are there any current plans for the APS to provide emergency power backup for the beamlines?

The current emergency generator system has the capacity to provide emergency power for the basic building systems and critical systems of the accelerators and front ends. At the present time, there are no plans and no budget to increase the capacity of the current system.

3. What is the status on the badging system for the Users?

The badging materials are again in stock, which were previously on back order. The Users Office will begin issuing badges on Monday, September 21. For further information, please contact the Users office on extension - 2-9090.

4. What is the status on the remote shutter control?

The remote shutter control chassis are in fabrication. We will inform you of the installation schedule next week.

5. Early this year, you had presented a plan for a simplified interface to the ID control system. What is the current status of this interface?

Before the interface could be implemented, the existing ID control software had to be streamlined and made more fail-safe. This has delayed the implementation of the interface. We will update you on the current status next week.

User Operations

We are approaching the end of the sixth week of the current run, with two more weeks to go. Overall, the availability for the run is over 93%. The availability for the past week is only 91%, primarily due to the loss of over 6 hours of user time Monday morning because of the site power outage. Also, the weekly availability number does not reflect the additional time and effort that was required by most beamlines to recover from the power loss.

A 24 hour machine studies will begin at 0800 on Monday, September 14. User Operation will resume at 0800 on Tuesday. The APS has received approval from DOE of the Top-up Safety Envelope, and therefore can begin top-up commissioning activities. The first order of business is to confirm radiation level calculations and limited measurements under worst-case top-up scenarios. These tests will be done during this machine studies period using the 3-ID and 1-ID beamlines. Shutters will be opened in only these two beamlines, while the injected beam is lost on the ID vacuum chamber transitions and the radiation levels around the beamline stations are measured. Further studies with users will be planned after the results of these tests are confirmed. We will keep you informed.

Tuesday morning, September 22, the singlet operating mode will begin and will continue through the end of the run at 0800 on Sunday, September 27. There will be two fills per day, nominally at 0800 and 2000 hours.