CAT Chat Minutes

September 4, 1998

Information/Follow-up items

1. Although there are some success stories regarding User interaction with the ANL Shipping and Receiving Department, there are still shipments which are not expedited when they are received and end up sitting on the dock for a long time without anyone being notified of their arrival. In addition, when the riggers deliver equipment, occasionally the deliveries go to a wrong sector and again the shipment gets lost. Can something be done?

The progress that we have seen has been through the hard effort of Steve Downey, who tries to keep track of all expected shipments and expedites their processing. The problem arises in cases where the user orders equipment through ANL, which, upon receipt, is difficult for Steve to distinguish from other ANL received goods. If you have ordered through the ANL Procurement system, and are expecting a critical delivery, please notify your floor coordinator who will make sure that Steve Downey is alerted. We will continue to work with Steve to improve both the receiving, as well as the delivery process.

2.The plastic levers on the hot and cold water taps in the LOM lunchrooms break easily with constant use. Can these taps be replaced with more substantial ones?

We will look into what replacements are available.

User Operations

The running during the past week has not been the best, with availability for the week at 89%. The most significant blocks of lost time were a 6 hour period on Sunday lost due to power supply control failure and a 3.5 hour delay in reinjection on Wednesday due to injection efficiency problems. Even so, the overall run availability is still over 93% with three weeks remaining in the run.

The shielding verifications scheduled for the following Tuesdays, September 8, 15 and 22 are being canceled. All three of these shifts are reverting to User Operations. Starting at 0800 on September 22, the operating mode will be singlets through the end of the current run. The run will end at 0800 on Sunday, September 27.

General Information

Tony introduced his new secretary, Linda DeVito, to the Cat Chat Members. If anyone needs to be put on the Cat Net Distribution list, please contact Linda DeVito on 2-1367.