CAT Chat Minutes

August 28, 1998

Information/Follow-up Items

It was noticed on the current schedule that this run is set to end at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning. In the past, runs have always ended at midnight on Sunday. Is this a recent change? Why is this run different? Is it possible to change the end time to midnight?

This difference in the end date has been on the schedule since it was published. This time had been set aside for additional studies for top-up operation. It would be difficult to change the schedule at this late date, without impacting plans of other groups.

User Operations

At the midway point of the run, overall availability has been at 95%. Four weeks remain in the run. This past week had two faults that caused beam dumps and one delay of refill. A water leak in one of the rf systems prompted the decision to switch to a different rf system this morning. Difficulty in switching over to the new rf caused a delay in refilling the ring.

A 24-hour period of ASD studies time will begin Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. on August 31. The ring will revert to User Operations Tuesday morning (there is no shielding verification work planned).

Safety Item

About two weeks ago, a 911 incident occurred in which a user, while working in a beamline enclosure, struck his head on a piece of equipment while ducking under a beampipe. Users need to be aware of areas around the beamlines where injury is possibleespecially areas where there are sharp edges or corners. We can provide padding upon request to make these hazards less dangerous. Users should also be reminded of the emergency response (dial 911) procedures.

General Information

The DOE has requested that Argonne National Laboratory revert to the former protocol for allowing visitors on site. Due to recent terrorist activities, all visitors to the laboratory must have either a laboratory-issued photo I.D. badge or car sticker, or a valid visitor gate pass to gain access to the laboratory on weekdays during regular business hours. After hours and on weekends, only a valid badge or gate pass will be accepted. These access procedures will go into effect Tuesday, September 1, 1998. Random vehicle inspections are also being implemented beginning Saturday, August 29.