CAT Chat Minutes

August 21, 1998

Information/Follow-up items

1. During the PSS-related trip last Tuesday morning, no audible announcement was made regarding the status of the ring, and the information about the trip was not posted on the screen very rapidly either. Can this issue be addressed to provide a more timely response for users?

We will discuss with the Control Room personnel the importance of audible ring status announcements and quick and accurate updates on the status screens.

2. There has been talk about requirements for all hoists to be inspected once a month; our hoist is not even used once a month. Do we have to inspect the hoists each month if the hoist is not in use?

Hoist inspection has been a recent ES&H topic. Hoists that are rarely used can be locked up and inspected immediately prior to use, thereby meeting both the daily (pre-use) and monthly inspection requirements.

3. Users at my beamline recently relied on the network clock to determine when the beam would be shut off. It turned out that the network clock did not correlate with the clock in the Control Room, and the beam was turned off four minutes earlier than the experimenters anticipated. Additionally, no verbal announcement was made indicating that beam shutdown was imminent. Had there been an audible announcement of the shut down, the users may have requested a brief extension of the run time to complete their experiments. What are the policies regarding this? Why wasn't there an announcement?

At this time, no hard and fast rules are in place about extending beam time based on experimenter requests. We will look into this matter. The clock times between the network and the Control Room will be synchronized to prevent future confusion. The Control Room will be requested to resume audible announcements prior to beam shut down.

4. How does XFD establish SOM schedules? We need to know what operating modes will be run during SOM periods so that we can schedule users.

Currently, there is a 10-week period between SOM requests and the scheduling of time. This clearly does not provide enough lead time, and the request/scheduling process is going to be re-evaluated. XFD is trying to establish a fixed set of special operating modes. For the October-November run, two SOMs were requested. The timing mode request for single-bunch operation will be scheduled during a four-hour period currently scheduled for shielding verification.

User Operations

The explanation of the PSS trip on 5-BM from the previous week was briefly reviewed. The safety code will be evaluated to determine if there is a way to prevent future occurrences without unnecessarily complicating the code.

As the third week of the run ends, availability has been at approximately 94%. There was a PSS-ACIS-related fault due to operator error Tuesday morning, August 18. After the ASD studies time, an operator inadvertently flipped a test switch while bringing the 7-ID beamline back on line. The test switch indicated that the shutter was open when it was actually closed, causing a fault. One rf trip also occurred during the week.

ASD studies will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, August 24. The Tuesday SOM period will revert to User operations; this may occur on Tuesday, September 1, as well.

General Information

Secretary of Energy Richardson is scheduled to visit the APS on Friday, September 25. The facility tour will necessitate shutting down the ring for a brief period. It is anticipated that operations will be interrupted between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Details will be provided later.