CAT Chat Minutes

August 7, 1998

Information/Follow-up Items

1. When will the change over to electrons take place? October 1998 or January 1999?

The switch will take place in the January 1999 time frame.

2. What does the special operations run schedule look like for October through December?

Plans call for use of a half shift to test true single-bunch mode, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 22. This testing would be done immediately after a studies period at 10 mA at best. SOM requests are due at least 10 weeks prior to the start of each run, which means that the due date for requests for the upcoming run is now.

APS Operational Status Update

User operations began Monday, August 3, and availability has been at 91% for the week. The majority of the problems have been due to power supply problems and BPLD trips. A 24-hour ASD studies period will begin Monday, August 10. The ring will revert to user operations on Tuesday. The next two 8-hour shielding verification shifts will revert to user operations.

Centralized Liquid Nitrogen System

The DOE has directed the APS to divert funds set aside for building LOMs to the construction of the centralized liquid nitrogen system. Bob Ferry will be evaluating the final technical plan shortly. Bids for the work will be solicited in October. The earliest projected date for start of construction would be spring 1999.