CAT Chat Minutes

July 31, 1998

Information/Follow-up Items

APS Operational Status Update

User operations (cycle 1998-4) will begin Monday, August 3, at 100 mA. All IDs will be left in full open position at the start of the run.

VME-based Hardware:  Several users have requested and received the VME-based Machine Status panel boards. Contact M. Ramanathan if you are ready to use one of the boards.

Computer Security:  CATs are reminded that they can request APS assistance in putting their routers behind a firewall to enhance computer security. At this time, the APS is testing on APS subnets.

Safety:  The safety walk-through announced at meeting #127 (July 24, 1998) was conducted on Monday, July 27. No feedback has been received yet on the inspection. More safety walk-throughs will be conducted in the future.

Services:  The dewar refill service will begin Monday, August 3. New Floor Coordinator Craig Dean will be coordinating the service. At this time, one refill request per day is guaranteed - service at the level of two refills per day will be investigated. Contact any Floor Coordinator to request this service.


The 6th International Conference on Biophysics and Synchrotron Radiation is being held at the APS next week. Program books were made available.

Bob Ferry announced that the ever-empty vending machine is a laboratory-wide problem. Pat Moonier of Argonne's Plant Facilities and Services brought the president of Canteen to the lab to see the problem first hand. The machines were found to still be depleted, and Canteen's president has stated that he will personally see to it that the matter is resolved.