CAT Chat Minutes

July 24, 1998

Information/Follow-up Items

APS Operational Status Update

We are coming out of a two-week maintenance period on Tuesday, 7-28-98, at 0800 hrs with a Machine Studies period for one week. At 0800 hours on Monday, 8-3-98, we begin user operations Cycle 1998-4.

Information: The VME-based Machine Status Panel boards are ready for distribution. If you are interested, please contact M. Ramanathan.

Computer Security: Because of the break-in several weeks ago, we have looked into our computer security here at the APS. We are in the process of putting all of APS behind a fire wall at the routers. This will allow access on certain protocol to whatever areas we determine to be necessary. This could be set up for the CATs; if you are interested, please let us know. We would be happy to do this. We are now in the process of testing this out.

For security scans of CAT network addresses. (This is a free service and is also non intrusive.) Please contact: Paul Krystosek (ECT) - 2-3456 or Laurie Tyzenhaus (ECT) - 26763. Have IP numbers ready for them. They will ask if there are any exclusions, i.e., IPs the CATs do not want checked. The software to complete this process is being procured by APS, and this will soon be done internally.

Safety:  There is a safety walk-through on Monday, 7-27-98, in the afternoon. They will walk-through offices, laboratories, and the Experiment Hall floor looking for inflammables, blocked aisle ways, lights not working, trash build-up, blocked electrical panels, and eyewashes and showers.

New Services:  At the start of 1998-4, we will begin to provide service to refill dewars for liquid nitrogen seven days a week during the day shift. This service will be provided by the FCs and Technicians.

Leaving:  Rich Hewitt of CMC CAT is retiring. Rich was once a part of both Bell Labs and EXXON at various times. His contributions to the APS are man, as many of us who have been here awhile know. There is a farewell party for him on Monday, 7-27-98, at 1500 hrs in Bldg. 433A. He will be missed, but we wish him well.