CAT Chat Minutes

June 26, 1998

Information/Follow-up Items

Because of the laboratory's agreement with COM ED, the overhead lighting has been reduced on the floor. Some of our users like this arrangement. Can we keep them dimmed all the time?

Yes, as long as your neighbors on the floor agree, that arrangement would be fine, and so long as work safety is not compromised.

APS Operational Status Update

Until this morning the availability for the past week was ~ 98%. Last Sunday, we had an rf trip that took two hours to repair. Last night, shortly after the rainstorm, a BPM IOC failed for sectors 17 and 18. The IDs in these sectors were opened, and the stored beam was not dumped. However, at ~5:00 a.m., the BPLD in sector 19 tripped, dumping the beam. The cause for these trips was related to water leaks due to the rainstorm. There were two more trips today. We are still operating at ~ 94% for the run.

We are in the sixth week of the run, with two weeks to go. On Monday, we have Machine Studies beginning at 0800 hours until Tuesday. On Tuesday at 0800 we have a shift of shielding verification for 33 BM's two stations. Sometime in the afternoon, we will give the beam back to the users. The following Tuesday, July 7, we will have a short shielding verification and will also begin a special operating mode, which will continue until the end of the run. It will be singlet operation with shorter lifetimes and two fills at 0800 and 2000.


As the number of users we have at APS increases, the Guest House occupancy rate is also going up. Because of this, your users can receive a rate of $47.50/nite for a single room if they identify themselves as an APS user. If you have a quad (for 4 to 6 people) for 4-7 days, the rate is $135.00/night; for 1 week $120.00/night; for 3 weeks $100.00/night.

There will be no CAT Chat on 7-3-98 due to the holiday.


We have had many leaks due to the storm. Attempts will be made to repair them all.