CAT Chat Minutes

June 5, 1998

Issues that require action and/or follow-up

1. The computer network representatives from some of the CATs met with Bill McDowell on 6/5/98. Will there be a synopsis made available to summarize the information discussed at the meeting?

Bob Ferry is scheduling a similar meeting for the Floor Coordinators to cover the topics once again. He will send a CAT Net message out so that anyone who could not attend the first meeting can attend. The topics covered in this meeting are current network configuration, planned upgrades, and discussion of common network problems and issues.

2. Is there after hours computer support to APS users?

Yes, you can get such support. For more details, please use the Computer Systems and Documentation link (under APS Information Services on the APS WWW home page).

Near the top of that page (which says APS Computer Support), the Help Desk is there to submit (via e-mail) a request for service or to report a new computing problem. By using the Support Staff link (under General User Information), you will connect to a page that has the "All Systems Weekend Emergency Number" (under the list of names), which is a wide-area pager that is in service from 6:00 p.m. Fridays until 8:00 a.m. Mondays. The Floor Coordinators will be made aware that this assistance is available on the weekends.

3. I believe there is more traffic on my computer's subnet than there should be. How can this be further investigated and addressed?

We will request that the Computer Support Group investigate the problem.

Information/Follow-up Items

APS Operational Status Update:  The storage ring availability over the whole run so far has been 94%. For the last seven days of the run, availability has been at 91% due to multiple rf trips. No pattern to the rf trips can be seen. Machine studies are scheduled for Monday, June 8, 1998. Since no shielding verification work is planned, the machine will return to User operations on Tuesday morning, June 9.

It was announced that Mohan and his wife are now the parents of a baby boy, born Thursday (6-4-98) morning.