CAT Chat Minutes

May 22, 1998

Issues that require action and/or follow-up

1. Sometime ago I asked about remote shutter operation and was told someone would be getting back to me. I was wondering what the status was on this issue.

The procurement request for interface boards was signed off on last week. These should begin arriving soon. Someone will be contacting you when we receive the boards.

2. During this week, we have had several serious faults. PSS personnel are called in. When they arrive, they insert a key and the fault is cleared. Is this the best way to handle this? Could someone else hold the key if this is all that it takes?

Because serious and major faults are grouped together, we still need to use the PSS personnel for resetting the faults to ensure that the system is operating correctly and safety is not compromised. In some exceptions, the FCs have been allowed to hold the reset key for a station that has numerous serious faults when the cause can be easily determined. For the long-term, serious and major faults will be separated.

Information/Follow-up Items

APS Operational Status Update

We have been operating at about 93%. We have had some trips due to water leaks, corrector magnetic power supply trips and rf trips.

We have ASD Studies for 24 hours beginning at 0800 hrs., Monday 5-25-98. Tuesday, 5-26-98, at 0800, we have one shift of shielding verification at 25 mA scheduled. We have two lines scheduled for verification, so we may need a significant part of the eight hours. We will resume User Operations at 1600 hours that day.