CAT Chat Minutes

May 15, 1998

Issues that require action and/or follow-up

1. On the doors equipped with Cardkey®,what happens when the power goes out?

The doors will unlock. They are on emergency power. The control room also has the ability to unlock the doors if there is an emergency, i.e., fire, etc.

2. Do you anticipate the IOCs will run better during this cycle?

The problem has not been the IOCs but rather the gateway. We have removed all of the old PVs. Only the new one still remains. We had determined that the aliases were part of the problem. XFD personnel will be standing by on Monday to fix any problems when the run begins.

Information/Follow-up Items

APS Operational Status Update

User operations will begin May 18, 1998, at 0800 hrs. We will update the SOM schedule that is on the Web sometime next week.

We will be performing some beam steering tests on the collimator in Sector 5 while monitoring collimator temperatures.


We would like each CAT to give some thought to someone who will represent them in the discussions on top-up. We will try to set these meetings up for Wednesday or Thursday. We may begin to do some testing during the already scheduled shielding verification days but may require some user days in October.

At the start of the user operations 5-18, we will not be closing the ID gaps but will enable the users to close them when they are ready. In addition, the IDs will not be opened during injection. If your device is not in use, please keep it open.