CAT Chat Minutes

May 8, 1998

Issues that require action and/or follow-up

1. On the long-term schedule, the ANL holidays are not scheduled in the maintenance time. Will this always be the case?

In order to deliver 5000 hours of user operating time, it is necessary to provide user beam during ANL holidays. We will however, try to keep the Christmas break as scheduled maintenance. ANL is always open during the holidays.2. a) During the power outage, the outside doors were locked open. Today, when I came to work, the doors in 432 were still open. Should this be looked into?

b) The alarm on the mezzanine door leading from the viewing gallery to the experiment floor has been activated. What are the plans for the other doors leading to the floor?

a) The outside doors on the LOMs were locked open during the power outage to prevent the doors from closing on people when they entered the building. B. Ferry will have the doors in 432 and 435 checked out.

b) The door to the floor from the viewing gallery area is equipped with an alarm to deter visitors, who may not have film badges, from entering this area. We have no plans to activate the alarms on any other doors, nor will any other doors accessing the floor be Cardkey® activated.

Information/Follow-up Items

APS Operational Status Update

We had a power outage that lasted ~ three hours on Thursday. The transformers serving ANL experienced some problems. We are not certain whether the problems were storm related. ASD startup activities were delayed due to this outage, but it will not impact user startup.

SBC experienced some problems with their cold storage area restarting after the outage. Their system was not set up to restart. Discussions have begun to change this system. IMCA had no problems; their system restarted.

User operations will begin on May 18, 1998, at 0800.


All overnight deliveries will be accepted at the Guest House. If the delivery is for a registered guest, the front desk will contact the guest. If you are expecting a package, you will need to contact the front desk to get your overnight delivery. If a package remains undelivered in the morning on Monday, S. Downey will be called so that arrangements can be made for the delivery.