CAT Chat Minutes

April 30, 1999

Information/Follow-up items

1. We need to check the oxygen content in our water system. Does anyone have an oxygen monitor that can be borrowed for these tests?

Contact your floor coordinator. XFD has a few units, which can be loaned out on a temporary basis.

For the long run, we are investigating several methods of supplying a nitrogen cover gas for the water system, which should significantly minimize the oxygen content in the water. Mohan will provide an updated list of the costs by the end of the month.

User Operations

Storage Ring Availability: The storage ring availability over the whole run so far has been very good. This past week, the availability was about 95%. During the past week, one rf trip occurred but the problem was rectified quickly, leading to very little downtime.

User operations will end on Sunday, May 2, at midnight. Scheduled maintenance is scheduled through May 24. User operations will resume on Wednesday, June 2 at 0800 hours.

The chilled water system will be shutdown on Monday, May 3, at 8:00 am. The shutdown will last approximately three days.

General Information

A quick reminder that Argonne's Open House will take place tomorrow, Saturday, May 1st.