CAT Chat Minutes

March 20, 1998

Issues that require action and/or follow-up

1. Last week you indicated that anyone having an APS e-mail address would be able to access the stockroom catalog. Is this true?

It is being worked on as we speak. You will be able to view the catalog from outside of APS.

2. Will the sextupole problem be fixed by 1700?

Yes, that is the reason for dumping the beam at 1600.

3. In Sector 5, we have had a problem that cannot be fixed until the down time.

Yes, at present that is true. We have inadequate time set aside in the present schedule to perform complete vacuum repairs.

4. Is it possible for certain types of front-end repairs to be done if the CATs would agree to lose an hour of beam to permit the repairs to be completed?

In our current plans, we are able to provide only limited access into the storage ring for repairs on Mondays. With all of the requirements for access and the searching of the ring prior to operation, normal access will require a minimum of four hours. Shorter access is used only for visual inspection. In the case of sector 5, we will access the ring through the ratchet-wall door and perform a leak check of the front end. If a quick repair is feasible, we will attempt it, even if it would delay the Tuesday shielding verification. If we cannot make a repair, we at least want to identify the location of the vacuum leak.

Information/Follow-up Items

APS Operational Status Update

The storage ring performance has improved this week. The availability is about 93%. Most of the trips are rf and power-supply related. A sextupole trip occurred today, which did not dump the beam, but did increase the beam size and decrease the lifetime by a factor of 2. We tried to compensate with little success. The beam will be dumped today at 1600 to replace the sextupole power supply. Stored beam is expected by 1700.

Monday we begin ASD studies at 0800. Tuesday at 0800, we begin shielding verification. There will be a short period of time during which there will be no beam in the machine, then we will begin at 10 mA for ~ 4 hours, after that we will go to 25 mA for the balance of the eight hour shift. We will need the full eight-hour shift for shielding verification. After that we will be back in operation.