CAT Chat Minutes

March 6, 1998

Issues that require action and/or follow-up

1. When will BESSRC receive their remote shutter control cable, as DND did?

We will provide a schedule for installation of this system, both for BM and ID beamlines.

2. Does APS know why the beam moves on our ID line when the gap is changed?

The beam remains well within its specifications. If your measurements show any motion that affects your experiment, please document this so that we can perform an analysis.

Information/Follow-up Items

APS Operational Status Update

User Operations begins at 0800 on March 9, 1998. We anticipate no problems.

M. Ramanathan went over the BPM information handout. We are currently calibrating the ID BPM for DSP installation. For this, we require one shift to collect the XBPM data. A week later, we require another shift to complete the installation of DSPs. We are trying to schedule the various beamlines for the next few runs. Towards this end, we need the two shifts from the beamlines. We would need the CAT Technical Contact to e-mail M. Ramanathan ( when they would like to have their beamline XBPMs calibrated.

Related to the Machine Studies link, we have tested out the VME boards. We have gone into production and expect to distribute the boards sometime in early summer.


P. Zschack introduced Jenia Karapetrova, who is new with UNI CAT. If you see her around, stop and introduce yourself.

DND is looking for a beamline scientist. If you know of anyone who would be interested, ask them to check out the DND home page.

Recently, a piece of equipment was shipped by a CAT to a vendor for work, and it was damaged in transit. We would like to remind you that it may be worth the price to consider insuring such an item. If you want to purchase insurance, you may now do so, as long as you abide by government regulations for federal laboratory owned equipment, which is considered "self-insured."