CAT Chat Minutes

February 6, 1998

Issues that require action and/or follow-up

1. Will we begin the top-off mode in May?

It may not be possible to begin that soon. In mid-March we will have an internal review, after which comes the safety approval process. Only then could we begin the top-off mode.

2. Could we get crosswalks painted on the roads?

Cross walks from the "Out" parking lots to the LOMs will be marked as soon as the weather permits. Additional traffic flow signage is being installed presently. The "Yield" sign at the 431 truck lock intersection will be replaced with a "Stop" sign.

3. Why are the ID screens crashing so often?

We are trying to add some diagnostics to find out what causes these crashes and when they occur. Some of the problems may be the result of the work that was done during the long shutdown period. We are working on these problems.

4. Now that we have the capability to set more of the undulator parameters, can these be saved and restored when the IOCs are rebooted? Can the defaults be kept?

We will incorporate automatic backups of the values at approximately 60-second intervals.

Information/Follow-up Items

APS Operational Status Update

Most of the hiccups during the past week were due to rf trips or EPS trips. Monday at 0800, we begin 24 hrs of Machine Studies. At 0800 hrs on Tuesday, we begin shielding verification, which should continue for about 8 hrs. at 25 mA. After this is complete, we will go to triplets. On Wednesday at 0800, we will begin singlets for the SOM.

From this point forward, during routine operation (fill duration of 24 hours), the refill time will be changed from 0600 to 0800. During SOM periods, refill times will be determined by the beam lifetime, but we will attempt to maintain one fill at 0800.


Safety:  We have had a large number of experiments being conducted at the beamlines. Commensurately, we have more and more off-site users coming in to the APS. It is a good sign that beamlines are ready for scientific research. Our primary concern is with the safety of the experiment samples. The requirements of the CAT safety plan should be conveyed clearly to these new users. The user should know all the safety requirements before they get here. We urge you to convey CAT safety requirements to your users.

For any questions or concerns you would have regarding your safety plans, please contact B. Glagola at x9797 (or help.

Please always be cautious of the vehicles on the floor. At a meeting with the contractors earlier this week, these people were reminded to monitor what they carry on their bikes and to watch the speed limit.

General:  Ten CATs have signed up for the maintenance contracts with Oxford. The contract is for maintenance service. Parts will be available from the APS on a cost-recovery basis. If you need emergency work, we will be able to provide that service here and you will be billed.

The company will be here February 23 for two weeks to do some repairs and to train APS technicians to provide technical support. Oxford is arranging the schedule. When we have the schedule arrangements, we will advise those who signed up for the contract, so that arrangements can be made to do the sector work when they are here.

As part of the change, every pump will be equipped with a timer to log the number of hours the pump is used. There will be no charge for this, it is part of the contract.

Oxford indicated that the problem with restarting pumps after they have quit because of a power shutdown can be fixed by changing a couple of boards. Oxford intends to offer a restart retrofit that is not included in the service contract. This will automatically restart the pump if power is interrupted for less than two minutes.

Other:  Most of you have already been busy preparing and presenting material to the PEB. The general PEB impression is good.