CAT Chat Minutes

January 9, 1998

Issues that require action and/or follow-up

There is a web-page where the technical systems archived data can be found. Currently it is updated only once per day. Can this update be done more frequently?

Yes, we will update it every 15 minutes.

Information/Follow-up Items

APS Operational Status Update:  We begin User Operations on Tuesday, January 12 at 0800 hrs. The accelerators have been operating since January 6, 1998. Many new things were done to the accelerator.

The XFD Web page was moved.

The information on particle BPM was distributed.

When doing undulator gap scans in the next run, go from high to low gap values. You will notice a shift in energy if you change direction of the scan. The shift could be as much as 50 eV. Always try to scan in the same direction.

The new ID Control System PVs are in place, please use them. The value for harmonic number can now be entered. The current calibration takes into consideration the finite source size, etc. We will continue to improve this capability.

X-ray BPM changes are being made. These changes should be transparent to you.

We have started to provide the information distribution panel to some of the CATs. We will provide the balance by the end of the month.


On the occasion of this 100th CAT Chat, D. Moncton congratulated the users on their participation. He told them that CAT Chat was a good forum for open discussions and information and, for him, a barometer of how things are going.

We have now finished 20 sectors and have received some additional requests for new sectors. We will go to DOE to look for funds for future undulators. The future undulators could have either a 3.3-cm or a 2.7-cm period. We have sent information to the CAT Directors on the performance of these devices with the new capability to install 5-mm-aperture vacuum chambers, permitting lower gap values (~7.5 mm). Preference for the period for future undulators is requested from all CAT Directors.

Please welcome Derek Lacy, our newest Floor Coordinator. He is located in 434.