CAT Chat Minutes

December 12, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. There is a problem with ice in front of the 432 parking lot. It appears to be a problem with drainage. Can something be done?

The APS construction staff has been informed.

2. Will there be restrictions on those people who will be working over the holiday closing?

No. If you will be working alone and with materials that are hazardous, please call (630)-790-7087, Answer DuPage, to advise them. They will call the number you provide every hour to check your well being. Please call them again before you depart to let them know that you are okay and to suspend the monitoring.

Information/Follow-up Items
APS Operational Status Update:  We have two dedicated shielding verification dates: January 27 (at 25 mA) and February 3 (at 10 and 25 mA). We still have two shifts of shielding verification contingency, but it seems likely these will be released.

We have identified the SOM for the 1998-1 cycle. It is 6 + 17 * 1, and will run for 15 shifts beginning on February 11 at 08:00 hrs. and running through 08:00 hrs. on February 16. (The last shift is now included for user operation contrary to an earlier plan to provide this shift for machine physics studies.)

Web Service: A new web server will go into service on Saturday, Dec. 13. The change should be transparent to you, everything should look the same.

Regarding the issue of stopping nuisance e-mails. All e-mail goes through ECT and then out to our servers. If it is a known address, it can be blocked, but individual mail will have to be stopped by you the receiver. See also attached (to hard copy only) write up from Kiplinger Magazine, Jan. '98, which provides possible solutions.

In the past, Sector 17 had a problem when they tried to move the undulator with a tapered value setting for the gap. We have now discovered the cause of the problem, and it is being fixed.

When doing scans in the next run, go from high to low energy (open to closed gap). When you go in the other direction, there may be hysteresis effects.

New software for operating undulators has been loaded only into one Sector for testing. Everything appears to be working well; if no problems are encountered, the software will be loaded for the other IDs.

Follow up:  In a previous CAT Chat there was some discussion about problems PNC CAT was having with receiving shipments from Canada.

Background:  Material was shipped from Simon Fraser University via Federal Express and was hung up in U.S. customs for several days. A DOE tax number was used to clear the shipment.

Resolution: 1) The ANL customs broker is best able to handle the clearing of User shipments through U.S. Customs. The users can arrange to have the Broker, American Overseas Transport Ltd. (AOT), clear shipments, including Federal Express shipments, through U.S. Customs and, as need requires, arrange for temporary importation bonds; and 2) AOT has prepared a letter of introduction to their services, and a copy is available for the UTI (including FCs) and User Admin. staff.

Our next CAT Chat will be January 9, 1998.

The XFD Christmas Around the World will be held on December 15, 1997, in the gallery. Contact L. Carlson in the User Office for additional information.

The APS Christmas luncheon will held on December 19, 1997, at the Guest House. Purchase tickets early as there is a limited number available.