CAT Chat Minutes

December 5, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. A suggestion was made to have the notifications that are sent out for Work Requests include the title along with the Work Request Number?

We will do this. 2. The automatic door in Sector 11/12 does not always open properly. What can be done?

We will take care of this.

3. There is moisture settling on the LOM emergency exit doors. Are the seals on the emergency doors leaking? What can be done?

A request has been made to adjust the humidity and refit the seals and thresholds on all LOM doors.

4. When will we be able to get the feedback on the motion in the BPMs when you change the gap? Will the XBPMs on undulator beamlines be in the feedback loop soon?

As you may be aware, the XBPMs on undulator lines are exposed to additional radiation contamination from previous bend magnets and quadrupoles. Correcting for all this is not trivial. Hence it is a long range R & D item. We feel confident that we are getting useful information from the rf BPMs at this time.

5. Is the FC number available 24 hours, seven days a week?

No, it is only available when we are running. We are working on extending the coverage.

7. At the present time, we have a PIN # to make calls outside of Argonne on our phones. Is it possible to have phones set up so they can be used to call out to numbers within a radius (local area) of Argonne?

We will look into this.

Information/Follow-up Items
APS Operational Status Update:  The shutdown is going well. The 5-mm vacuum chamber has been pumped down, and the ID has been installed. We are on schedule to start up in January with User Beam time beginning on January 13, 1998, at 0800 hrs.

The SV will be posted next week. Out of the five scheduled shifts, only one will be at low current of 10 mA. The rest will be 25 mA. The SOM at the end of the run will be 17 singlets with 150 nanosecond spacing. We expect the lifetime will go down. We expect to refill two times daily approximately 12 hrs. apart.

Information:  A new comprehensive PV list was provided to those attending CAT Chat. These will be available on the WEB soon.

Other:  We have sent out a CAT Chat Special requesting that any new or outstanding issues you have be sent to us in writing. We have set the deadline for this as December 10, 1997. We will directly respond to the author of the question and will also publish the information in a special bulletin before the end of the year.

The XFD Christmas Around the World will be held on December 15, 1997, in the gallery. Contact L. Carlson ( in the User Office for additional information.

The APS Christmas luncheon will held on December 19, 1997, at the Guest House. Tickets go on sale on December 1; purchase them early as there is a limited number available.