CAT Chat Minutes

November 21, 1997


The Control Room Operators were recognized by XFD on behalf of the users for all their hard work and selfless contributions to the success we have enjoyed at the APS in the past year.

G. Shenoy also told the Users of the recognition received by the FCs earlier this week for their contributions and hard work.

Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. While trying to debug our monochromator, we went to the APS screen and found there is a 24-hr lag to get the data. Will this change with the installation of the new server?

No, the new server will not change this. We can make some changes to the program that will allow the data to be retrieved every hour.

2. Are you aware that mail scammers are sending mail through Could we get this stopped?

We will check into this with B. McDowell.

3. A Canadian user had a lot of trouble getting a FEDEX package through customs. What tax ID number should be used?

S. Davey will follow through on this item.

4. We are in construction now, so we have very poor phone coverage. Is there a phone number here that we can give to outsiders for emergency calls?

Use the FC's number and page, they will return the call.

Information/Follow-up Items
APS Operational Status Update:  The run ends Monday at 08:00 hrs.

The storage ring ratchet doors will be opened on Monday, November 24, at the conclusion of the current run. Please maintain access to the ratchet doors.

The PSS/ACIS testing of ratchet door switches and front-end shutter switches will be done December 1-3. Specific times will be provided by your floor coordinator.

All other front-end maintenance activities will be coordinated through the work request system. You will be notified of any work in your front end or if access is required through your station into another front end.

Switch gear maintenance will begin next week on parts of the Experiment Hall floor and LOMs. All primary power will be affected. A schedule will be made available to you soon. If this activity and schedule presents a problem for equipment in your sector, please contact your FC for help.

Next week, Monday through Wednesday, we will be installing a new WEB server. We are redoing some of the WEB page locations.

We are installing upgraded ID software. This software will have the capability of reading and setting the ID energy at user-determined harmonics. We are adding new PVs, and we will make some PV name changes on the ID software. For the next several months, we will use alias names to provide time for conversion to the new names. We will provide a new PV list as soon as it is finalized.

We will be doing regular maintenance on ID drive trains. We do not plan to take any IDs out.

In a previous CAT Chat, the issue of cylinders not being picked up regularly by the vendors was raised. This has been taken care of. The vendor was notified and asked that they place their cylinders in designated areas - ones for CARS-CAT.

Information:  During the maintenance period, the 5-mm vacuum chamber will be installed into Sector 3. If all goes well, we will provide you with some information about these chambers.

Other:  The XFD Christmas Around the World will be held on December 15, 1997, in the gallery. Contact L. Carlson ( in the User Office for additional information.

The APS Christmas luncheon will held on December 19, 1997, at the Guest House. Tickets go on sale on December 1; purchase them early as there is a limited number available.