CAT Chat Minutes

November 7, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Explain the Special Operating Mode (SOM)?

The normal operating mode consists of the BPM timing group of 6 bunches, followed by 25 groups of triplets separated by 100 nsec. The planned SOM will replace the triplets with 17 singlets with a spacing of 150 nsec.

2. At 432, the central door is not working? B. Whitman has been notified, what is the status of this door?

The problem is the motion sensor. The door was looked at by the manufacturer last week. The manufacturer had to order parts and did. We are now waiting on the manufacturer to get back to us.

3. Is there a plan to put in a walkway to the 431 parking lot?

There is no action at the present, but we will put this into our plans.

Information/Follow-up Items
APS Operational Status Update:  Monday, November 10, at 08:00 hrs., we begin Machine Studies. Shielding Verification will begin at 08:00 hrs. on Tuesday, November 11. The beam will be off for about 1-1/2 hrs., followed by ~ 1-1/2 to 2 hrs. at 10 mA, then at 25 mA until 16:00 hrs. We will send out a message regarding the Special Operating Mode (SOM) scheduled for this shielding verification shift on Monday. During the 1998-1 run, we have set aside the last 15 shifts, beginning February 11, for SOMs. During the SOM, we will run singlets. We expect to have two 12-hr. fills, since the lifetime goes down with the singlets.