CAT Chat Minutes

October 31,1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Is it possible to get shutter enable when ASD studies are going on? Does it make a difference if it is a BM line and not an ID line? Can this situation change if we are in top-off mode?

Because of the switching steps that are required by the Safety System for opening the shutters, it is not effective to enable the shutters during ASD studies. It does not make a difference whether it is for a BM line or an ID line. We will keep this request is mind.

2. On the PNC line, the ID energy calibration has changed a lot. It was above 200 V and is now 100 V. Has there been a software change? Has anyone else seen this?

In the past, the screen for the undulator was not correct. R. Dejus has worked on improving the energy calibration, and this may be the reason. SRI has also seen this effect. In the past, SRI had to offset the mono and the undulator. T. Rauchas will check this out and get a CAT net message out early next week.

3. DND has their cable and is ready to test their remote shutter control.

This interface is being constructed by the Electronics' Division. It is nearly complete and just waiting for delivery of two parts. It is expected to be completed next week.

Information/Follow-up Items
The LOM parking lot work will begin on Nov. 3 at buildings 433 and 434. Building 433 will essentially lose half of the existing parking spaces. At 434 the new parking spaces are off the road, so some traffic disruption on the ring round can be expected. If you would like to park in another parking area, let us know so we can have your dosimeters moved to that rack. If you park on the road, we will need to notify security. At 435, we will look into opening a roadway into the old contractor parking lot.

We had a very good Research Directorate Meeting today.

New signs have been posted in the truck lock.

To clarify from a previous meeting. There are no plans to install Cardkey readers in the cylinder storage areas.

APS Operational Status Update:  We are in User Ops until 08:00 hrs. on Monday 11-3. We will have 24 hrs. of Machine Studies. The Special Operating Mode (SOM) scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 4, at 08:00 will revert back to User Ops. Some additional tests on the low-beta mode will be made during ASD time. When we went to the low-beta mode, we found that the steering was not the same. We will try to do the low-beta in a single sector. If it is successful, we will try to evaluate beam positions at each beamline on Nov. 11.