CAT Chat Minutes

October 24, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. In the 24-hr.-refill mode, why was the refill time of 06:30 hrs. selected?

The 06:30 time was selected because it was before the control room shift changes. In addition, if due to unscheduled refills, there is at least 90 mA beam current at 06:30 hrs., the refill will not occur. If the beam is at a level below 90 mA, it will be topped off to 100 mA level. If any of the users would need assistance with opening a shutter after a refill at 06:30 hrs., see the FC and submit the restart request.

2. There are new signs in the truck lock that indicate we cannot have our personal vehicles in these areas. Is this a new policy?

The sign is meant to prohibit people from washing their vehicles in these areas. S. Davey will design a new sign with appropriate wording.

3. Could the fire drill have been scheduled during the maintenance days?

We agree that it is the right thing to do. We will address this with the fire-safety organization.

4. Who has the keys for the cylinder storage area? These areas are now locked? Why is there no cardkey entry here?

Until the cardkey entry units are installed, regular keys are to be used. These have been given to each CAT.

Information/Follow-up Items
The Workshop on Scientific Opportunities for Fourth Generation Light Sources begins on Monday (10-27-97) at the APS. If you want to participate, the registration information is on the Web, on the APS Home Page under conferences. If anyone would like to attend a particular lecture, please do so.

APS Operational Status Update:  Last week we began the new fill pattern: 6 + 25 x 3, which fills ~ 2/3 of the storage ring. The lifetime is improved with this pattern, as expected. You are seeing periods of 24-hour fills. We will continue this pattern. On Monday (10-27-97) at 08:00 hrs., Machine Studies will begin and will continue until 08:00 hrs. on Tuesday, 10-28-97. Tuesday at 08:00 during the shielding verification shift, we will begin the low-beta lattice operating mode for one shift. We will collect data on your experience at the beamline with low-beta beam.

We have had only two requests for orbit correction during this run.