CAT Chat Minutes

October 10, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Will the gap control be ready by the next run?

Yes. The WEB document has been updated and a message sent by CAT NET.

Information/Follow-up Items
Bob Kustom, group leader for the RF Group in ASD, gave a presentation on the major improvement to the klystron.

Gopal presented the technical details of low-beta (3 m in the y direction) operation.  All related questions were addressed with an agreement to test the mode during two shielding verification shifts.

Card Key
We are presently going through birthing pains.

APS Operational Status Update
User Operations will begin at 0800 on Monday, October 20, and will continue until 0800 on Monday, October 27. A 24-hour ASD studies period will follow. The shift originally scheduled as shielding verification contingency on October 28 will be used to test the low-beta lattice under user operating conditions. The standard fill current and bunch fill pattern will be used during that time and shutters will be enabled. We will solicit input from the users on operating performance under the low-beta conditions. At the end of the shift, the standard lattice configuration will be restored and user operation will continue. The same tests are planned for the day shift on Tuesday, November 4. During this operating cycle, we plan to use a fill pattern consisting of 6 bunches followed by 25 triplets with a triplet spacing of 100 nsec. Better lifetime is expected.

New Issues from APS
Gopal discussed the presentation made by the BESAC Panel to BESAC on the future of synchrotron radiation sources and science in Washington D.C. on October 8 & 9. The BESAC Panel was chaired by R. Birgeneau and Z. X. Shen. The purpose of the meeting was to present the findings of the BESAC Panel on the future of the 4 DOE synchrotron facilities. The CAT Directors will be sent the details of the findings. The APS faired very well in the recommendations of the panel, which were accepted by BESAC.