CAT Chat Minutes

September 26, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. In the special mode that we are running now, with the shorter time between fills, have you been able to determine how much lower the lifetime is?

It is lower by a factor of two.

2. Was this mode planned? Can we have any special modes put on the schedule?

This special mode was planned for the last three days of this run. In the future, the special modes will be shown on the schedule. We are in the process of implementing a procedure for requesting special run conditions. We will try to give you two to three months notice of any special operating modes.

3. The 435 parking lot has been very full. What is the status of the expansion of the parking lots?

The bid package is ready for expansion of several of the LOM parking lots. We may see some additional parking lots this fall yet.

4. With the implementation of the Card Key System, what is the specific procedure for receiving deliveries?

S. Barr-Strasser will work on the procedure and bring it to the next CAT Chat.

5. On Thursday someone took control of the ID and opened the gap. It was determined that it was someone on site. What is the status of this?

It appears that someone from the APS caused this to occur. We identified the potential problem that frequently used ID performance monitoring screens had control functions included. A mouse click in the wrong location could have caused the effect you saw. The monitoring and control functions will be separated to insure this will not happen again.

Information/Follow-up Items
Card Key:  Implementation of the Card Key system is scheduled for October 7, 1997. The doors on the Experiment Hall, LOMs (central door only), 420 and 412 will be locked round the clock. You will need to have your badge with you to gain access to these doors. Access will be only at doors equipped with readers. If you open a door marked Emergency Only, you will set off an alarm. The external doors in 401 and 401 will be locked from 1900 to 0600 during the week and all day on weekends. Your user badge will be activated to open these doors only if you have completed all of the training required to date. This includes User Orientation, PSS Training and Sector Specific Orientation. Next week you will receive a memo explaining the system. The attachments will include information on all the locations with readers and what areas you will be able to enter.

APS Operational Status Update:  The beam has been running well. We are now in a special operating mode. The lifetime is shorter. We are filling approximately every 12 hours.

Yesterday, 9-25-97, we had the largest number of shutters open at one time. That number is 18. Today we have about 17 simultaneously.

During the next shutdown, we will work on a new procedure for ID controls. We will have a new version up and running by the next run. If you have any comments on what you would like to see as part of the new system, please send e-mail to M. Ramanathan (