CAT Chat Minutes

September 12, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Now that the cricket problem was treated promptly, what about the problem with mice around LOM 438 and the wasps? Can we do our own bug spraying?

The mice problem will be treated. You could use bug spray in your area. However, make sure to check with your neighbors.

2. Before the card key system is installed, can we have a demo station set up somewhere, maybe near the user office?

Yes, we will have a demo station near the user office for everyone to try their cards.

3. Could you place a sticker that reads please return this badge to APS (and include the address) on the visitor dosimeters?

We will check out this suggestion.

4. What will happen with Fed Ex, etc., deliveries when the card key system becomes effective?

We will check into this and advise you. For packages delivered on the weekend, the guest house will accept them and then give you a call to pick them up at the front desk.

5. Will the card key system will be implemented 24 hours? Why? Why were the locks put on the outside doors of the LOMs rather that on the doors to the Experiment Hall Floor?

Yes, the LOM door will be under card key control for entry all of the time. Building 401 will be open 0600 to 1900 on Monday through Friday and will be locked on weekends. There will be a list of phone numbers at each of the inside doors for guests (including delivery people) to contact their hosts. Detailed instructions will be placed next to the phone. If the locks were put on the Experiment Hall Floor doors, you would need to have your card key with you at all times to go back and forth between the Experiment Hall and your LOM office/lab. The liquid nitrogen areas will be locked from the outside.

6. Could we please receive advance notification when one of the servers is being taken down for maintenance? Why was it done during user operations mode? Can a machine be put up as a backup if this happens again?

The server is very old equipment and needed some updates, and we could not wait any longer. This type of thing will not happen often. The non-notification was an oversight on our part, and we will notify you should this happen again. We apologize for all the inconvenience this may have caused on your operations.

7. The APS modem pool also failed during this period. Why?

We were not aware of this and is perhaps true only partially. Many were in touch with the APS through the modem over the weekend. We will check into this.

Information/Follow-up Items
APS Operational Status Update:  Except for the injector problem last night, the storage ring has been performing satisfactorily with long lifetimes and stable beam. We are running at about 80% availability during the past week. We will continue to refill the storage ring at lower current typically 50 mA. ASD studies will begin Monday (9-15) at 0800 for 24 hours. We have shielding verification scheduled for 9-16 starting at 0800 at 10 mA and 25 mA. We should have this complete by 1600 hours. At that time we will revert to normal User Operations.

We have received requests for more than six individuals to have ID access control. Additional user names can be added only when we are not in operation and requires a lot of bookkeeping. Alternatively, we can eliminate the user names if you would like. This would make it easier if you are satisfied with your internal security. Let Mohan Ramanathan know via e-mail if you would like to have the user name dropped. Otherwise, let him know who you would like on the access list.

Other:  There is an entity here called Argonne Excess, where old and unused equipment is stored. CAT members have asked if they could have access to this old property. The answer is no - the equipment belongs to DOE, and CAT members may not have access to this old property.

When you have visitors who need to have visitor dosimeters, could you please make an effort to get these visitor dosimeters back to the User office or to the XFD ESH office. Many of these badges are disappearing. We would like to get them back to reduce the cost of replacing the lost dosimeters.

Some shipments to be delivered to our users are floating around the lab with improper addresses on them. Please check the user guide for the proper way of writing delivery addresses.