CAT Chat Minutes

August 29, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. When we want to map an aperture, how do we go about doing orbit correction?

In these special cases, get in touch with the Floor Coordinator in advance. He will arrange to get the appropriate personnel to accomplish this task most efficiently on an agreed schedule, perhaps on the SV days.

2. What is happening with providing the space between the columns to the users?

Prototypes in three sectors (1, 2, and 3) are currently being built to develop a reliable cost estimate for standardized screens to give a good appearance to the space.

4. Can we have column numbers installed on the inside the experiment hall columns to make it easier to locate electrical disconnects within our sector when viewed from the ratchet door region?

Steve Davey has addressed this issue.

5. What is happening with the liquid N2 distribution system?

This task was assigned to Joe Georgopoulos, Hayden Chen and Keith Moffat. Steve Davey has coordinated the proposal written by him and Jim Viccaro. The proposal will go to DOE for funds soon.

Information/Follow-up Items
APS Operational Status Update:  There have been some difficulties with water systems and power supplies. These are being addressed to correct the situation. ASD studies start on Monday 9-1 at 0800 hours. On Tuesday 9-2, the shielding verification will most probably begin at noon because the CAT may not be ready. It was the general consensus to fill with 100 mA at the conclusion of ASD studies until shielding verification begins.

Maximum beamline utilization of radiation occurs between 1600 to 0200 hours. The smallest number of beamlines operate from 0200 to 0900 hours.

Other:  Starting Tuesday, September 2, the Guest House will be accepting faxes to order food for pick-up between 1100 and 2100 hours. The menu can be picked up in the User Office or on the Web under What's New. Outside of these hours, fresh sandwiches and pop are available at the Guest House gift shop.