CAT Chat Minutes

August 15, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. We were verifying our EPS System and noticed several unusual faults of the PSS/EPS?

During the last couple of weeks, we had an automatic transfer switch that tripped and caused electrical power in several sectors to go down The power failure caused these unusual faults, which had not yet been reset when you started your EPS work.

2. Can we continue to use the old USEF?

If you have some forms already outstanding you may submit those. For new submissions, please use the new form.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  We will begin User Operations on Tuesday 8-19-97 at 0800 hrs. We have one dedicated shift at 25 mA for shielding verification on Thursday 8-21-97. We will use the full 8 hr. shift.

Other:  We will have a visit from Linda Horton, who is an Associate Division Director of Metals and Ceramics Division at Oakridge National Laboratory. She is a member of the BESAC Panel, and is charged with writing about the concerns of Users. She is visiting all the synchrotron facilities and will be here on Monday, August 18, 1997. Room A1100 has been set aside for 10:00 a.m. to noon for CAT members to present your concerns to her and speak to her about any issues you would have. This Panel deals with future funding issues. The APS has already given this Panel information on the funding needs of the CATs to successfully operate the beamlines. There is a final meeting of this Panel in Boston on August 24 and 25, 1997. Linda is also writing part of the report on material science, if you have topics in this area. If you would like individual time with her, please contact us. We have sent e-mail to the CAT Directors on this subject.

If you have students who have completed their Ph.D., there is some funding available to send them to France to study and work in French laboratories. This is joint US/France money. If you are interested, see the following web address to receive more information. (

If you are interested in attending the APS picnic on the 22nd of August, please see Diane in the User Office.

You have received the User Safety Experiment Form this past week. If you need some forms, see Bruce Glagola or the FCs. It is the CATs decision as to who will sign the form. After it has been approved, give it to the FC who will post it. If you have any concerns about safety, call Bruce Glagola or Bruce Stockmeier. These need to be posted before the experiment starts.