CAT Chat Minutes

August 1, 1997


The next CAT Chat will meet in 401/A1100.

Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. We have seen individuals with minors on the Experiment Hall floor during operation. How should we handle this?

If you see minors on the floor, you should request that they leave the area. No one under 18 is allowed on the Experiment Hall floor. We will incorporate this message on the signs leading unto the Experiment Hall floor.

2. We have mice on the floor. What do we do?

ANL has a contract with an exterminator. If you have a serious infestation of bugs, mice, etc., contact the floor coordinator, and he will arrange for the appropriate bait traps to be set out.

3. Is it possible for the CATs to have a supply of film badges for our visitors?

Please have your CAT secretary contact the floor coordinator, and we will provide the badges.

4. During the recent power outage, the emergency lighting in the truck lock and the labs did not work.

During the last power outage, there was a failure of the automatic transfer switch for 432. This problem will be corrected. We are also looking at providing battery-powered emergency lighting in the truck locks.

We are looking into several options regarding the storage space issue. We will keep you informed of the decisions that are made.

Please e-mail Tony Rauchas ( your comments for the update of the Undulator Publication. At the next TWG meeting, Roger Dejus will update the CATs on available ID software.

During the next run, we are considering dedicating the last three days of the run, September 26, 27, and 28, for special operating conditions. If you have a special request, please e-mail your request to Tony Rauchas by the end of the week.

Testing of the emergency power transfer switches for the entire APS site will occur next week. This testing needs to be done once every year. The FCs will get a schedule early next week and will get this information out to you.

Please let Mohan Ramanathan know where you would like to have the status system fiber dropped. This work will begin early next week. If we do not hear from you, your request may have to be delayed until the next scheduled maintenance period.

This run ends on Sunday, August 3rd, at 0800 hrs.

The cable for the TVs has been run to the LOMs. Please talk with your FC to make the arrangements to have the cable run in your LOM. This is a CAT responsibility.

Computer Security

We are still detecting continued attempts at unauthorized access into some CAT computers. Please maintain computer security requirements.