CAT Chat Minutes

July 25, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. What is happening on the issue of the space between the pillars?

We are still working on a solution to the space problem.

2. In the past, we have been told to use Phoebus as a time server? What should we use now?
The name servers are:
The time servers are:

The first in each list is the primary server, the second is the backup.

3. We had a user that was very upset with the operating mode on Monday 7-21. Could you please put that information somewhere on the calendar so that our users would be able to access it?

We will put non-standard operating mode information on the schedule page.

Please e-mail Tony Rauchas or Cheryl Zidel your wishes for the update Undulator Publication.

We are working on getting a floor cleaning schedule.

We have User Ops until 0800 on Monday 7-28-97, then we will have 24 hrs. of Machine Studies and then back to User Ops until 0800 on August 3, 1997.

The movie filming is on schedule. The parking lot will be closed from 1800 hrs. to 1950 hrs. on Friday 7-25-97. The FC will coordinate with any special requirements the movie people may have.