CAT Chat Minutes

July 11, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. At BNL, we had pink-cards to provide a notification system for visitors when they ran unattended. Will ANL have a system of this sort?

This is a good suggestion, and we will look into doing this.

2. We are experiencing a storage space crunch. There is a space between the I-beams, this space is not in our area, but we were wondering if this could be used for storage?

Our policy is to keep the access areas and aisle ways clear. We will look into providing storage space.

We begin User Ops at 0800 on Tuesday, July 15, 1997. We have scheduled one shift for Shielding Verification for 0800 on Thursday July 17, 1997.

Two weeks from today, there will be a movie filmed here at APS. The filming will be in the vehicle tunnel. Some of the preparation work will begin next week. We will provide more details on what areas will be blocked and on parking either by CAT NET or at the next CAT CHAT.

During the next two week shutdown, ANL will be testing the emergency power switching systems. There will be some short interruptions during the switch over from regular power to emergency power and back again. All ANL buildings will be affected, but each test will affect only a portion of the facility. The schedule will be provided as soon as it is available.

Computer Security
To clarify what was said - the hackers accessed some Texas records, no ANL records were accessed. Please let us know if you would like to be updated on computer security issues. The new issue of the Linnus Journal has an article on computer security.

The APS status system documentation on the WEB has been updated. We now have two gateway systems running. The users are requested to use the gateway "Rhea"

Please let Mohan know where you would like your fiber cables dropped for the machine status links. We would like them to be close to the FOEs.