CAT Chat Minutes

June 27, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. What is the status of the long-term FY '98 schedule?

The schedule ( CY1997 and partial CY 1998) was approved by the CAT Directors at the Research Directorate meeting held on June 25, 1997.

2. Could you please provide beam stability for x, y and x', y'?

Storage Ring Stability

Average Horizontal Motion at ID Sources
Stability specification 17 µm
No correction 25-30 µm
Slow drift correction only 20-25 µm
Fast orbit feedback plus slow drift correction 9 µm

Average Vertical Motion at ID Sources
Stability specification 4.4 µm
No correction 8 µm
Slow drift correction only 6 µm
Fast orbit feedback plus slow drift correction 3 µm

3. Could you please provide the shielding verification information for the next run?

It is difficult to provide that information so far ahead. In many cases, it depends on what happens in the previous run. There are many variables to being ready to commission. It takes a lot of planning, both for the CAT involved and XFD. For future convenience, we will commit to Tuesdays and Thursdays as the likely days for shielding verification activities.

8. The no shorts on the floor - does this include skirts?

Yes, it does. The idea is to wear proper clothing for the safe conduct of our activities.

BNL is now again fully operational as of Wednesday afternoon.

If you have the manual doors on your hutches, make sure the stops are set. They should be set to avoid injury when the doors close.

There will be no CAT CHAT next Friday, July 4, 1997.

We will send out information on CAT NET when we are ready to provide the link for obtaining the machine status. We will provide one such link per beamline; please let Mohan know where you would like the fibers dropped.

Computer Security:  We recently had a break-in on computer security. Those who broke in used a CAT computer to gain access to some ANL records. We have been able to trace this action to Sweden. To maintain good security on our system, please make sure that you are using the latest upgrades for the software you are running. During the Research Directorate, the CAT Directors were asked to identify someone within their group to be the Software Program Protection Contact. This person will certify their own systems and be the contact person for upgrades and notices of upgrades that we find. To certify their systems, there will probably be something on the WEB, with instructions on how to run the certification program that will tell you whether you are vulnerable or not.

Can APS keep us all up to date with the software updates to address computer security issues discussed at the Research Directorate meeting on June 25, 1997? This is quite a tremendous undertaking if this is what APS plans to do.

What we will attempt to do is to give you the notices of updates on what you must do to keep your system protected.