CAT Chat Minutes

June 20, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. We need to bring to the attention of the riggers and janitorial people that they must slow down when they are operating their carts. There were some recent situations where users, entering the ring have nearly been hit.

We will address this issue. Strict instructions will be given to the parties to lower the speed and adhere to APS safety guidance on this subject. Please report any speeding to the floor coordinators.

2. What has happened to the emergency lighting in 438?

To enhance the emergency lighting in the LOMs, battery powered units are being added in the corridors and in the build-out office areas. These units are in addition to lights on the emergency power system in the LOM. These units can be tested without interruption to the building emergency power system.

3. What is the status of the long-term schedule? When will we receive a copy?

We have given hard copies of this schedule to CAT directors for their input. We have received some of their comments but are waiting on some of the others. When we have received all the comments, we will fold in their input to develop the schedule and make it available on the web in the next few weeks.

4. Could you provide some information on beam stability?

We will provide this information in detail (see attachment).

During this maintenance period, accelerator power supplies and ignitrons (part of the rf system) will be improved. We hope this will further enhance the beam availability.

We will complete the installation of all FEs during this shutdown.

The BESAC Panel will visit us on Monday and Tuesday of next week (June 23-24, 1997). They will be doing an evaluation of all synchrotron facilities in upcoming weeks. They are looking at where the synchrotron field will go in the next ten years. The program was distributed to you today. This group will walk the experiment floor ~ 5:00 p.m. on Monday 6-23. They may stop and visit with some of the users if you are around. Some of you have been asked to speak at the meeting.

The local restaurant list was also handed out.

The new schedule, including the shielding verification days, is on the web.

We will send out information on CAT NET when we are ready to provide the link for obtaining the machine status. We will provide one such link per beamline; please let Mohan know where you would like the fibers dropped.

Safety:  There are some safety-related items to discuss today -

1. The speed of the tricycles - if you see someone speeding, please get the license number if possible and let the FCs know.

2. The hot weather is here, shorts and sandals are not allowed in the labs or on the Experiment Hall floor. Please respect this safety requirement.

3. There is some very bad news from BNL. A construction contractor had a fatality. Details are not available. The announcement from Secretary Péna is attached. While conveying our sympathies to the family of the deceased, all BNL employees, and to NSLS users, let us rededicate ourselves to safety in all activities at the APS.

4. The DOE Fire Safety people were concerned that some stations are being used for storage of materials or for personnel occupancy. This is forbidden by APS safety needs. Please comply immediately.