CAT Chat Minutes

June 13, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. What is the status of the ring?

We had a problem with humidity in the rf power supply cabinets after the machine was turned back on. It was fixed. We have had unexplained position changes, which have dumped the beam. ASD is looking at this problem now.

2. Did you ever get the third rf in? Is it being used?

The third rf is in, but is not being used. The automatic switching is not yet completed, so we would have to manually switch over to it.

3. Will the long-term control of the undulators always be through EPICS? I had heard that we would receive the panels to give us access to other data but nothing on undulators. Is this true?

There are no current plans to change the control method, but we do have plans to improve it. The first phase of the data access would not give you access to the undulator data, but the plans for the second phase would be to give you a VME module that would include undulator data access, but no control of the undulators.

4. Is the real-time feedback system working?

Yes, it was up and running on Tuesday. It was turned off only for a short time this week, when they were checking out the storage ring.  T. Rauchas asked if anyone has noticed any change.

For the most part, little change was noticed, however, one CAT has noticed major improvements in the BPM output.

The current implementation date for the card-key system is August 5, 1997.

User Ops will continue until Sunday 6-15-97 at 0800, at which time Machine Studies will begin and go until the Scheduled Maintenance period begins at 0800 on the 17th. This run will be not be extended - we will take a break on Monday for ~ 2 hours to do the shielding verification on 18.

The schedule for run 1997-5 will be on the web by the end of next week. We will use three days for shielding verification.

The User Office has a list of restaurants that will deliver to the Guest House. It will be posted on the web.

During the early part of the run, there were some problems with the gateway. We are putting into place a new machine that will reside on the floor. It will only be for users. M. Ramanathan will be coming sometime mid-maintenance period to ask some of the users to change over to this new machine. We implemented many changes before this run that caused many problems for the server. We will also send you the new PVs.